About us

In 1994 the company “Elmoda” was established in Vilnius. In the beginning there was a dynamic team of six. At the moment the Joint Stock Company “Elmoda” has more than 55 professional and experienced employees. The company is concerned in preparation of new and young specialists therefore students from Vilnius College, National Energy Training Centre and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University are invited for their internships every year.

The company started its activities in Vilnius and the subsidiary in Utena was established in 1998. Currently, the company provides its services all around the country.

JSC “Elmoda” is recognized as a strong market leader in the sphere of electrical installation, street and area lighting in Lithuania. The company “Elmoda” is not only a reliable high quality service supplier but also an experienced and fair business partner.

JSC “Elmoda” uses only modern computerized cabling equipment and is certified to carry out works at the voltage of 35 kV. The company provides rather wide scale of services – installation and repair of electric power lines, substations, switchyards, accounting and transit panels, street lighting systems; design and installation of lightning protection equipment and provision of various electrical measurements. Company possesses all the equipment, machinery and minor mechanization required for the best quality works.

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